Big Adventures for Little Minds 

Dream. Play. Explore! We are now open for bookings! 

At Our Imagination Station in Hessle, East Yorkshire, the only limit is your child’s imagination. 

At Our Imagination Station in Hessle, East Yorkshire, the only limit is your child’s imagination. 

Discover Endless Fun at Our Imagination Station in Hessle, East Yorkshire 

Welcome to Our Imagination Station, where the power of play brings stories to life right in the heart of Hessle, close to Hull! Founded by a passionate mother-daughter duo, we’ve created a magical indoor playground designed for children to dive deep into their own worlds. 

What we offer 

From bustling shops to a cozy café, a playful jail, a healing medical centre, and a homely home setup, we offer a variety of themed playrooms that spark imagination and encourage interactive play. 
Our Imagination Station isn’t just a play centre; it’s a doorway to adventure for children across East Yorkshire, inviting them to explore, imagine, and make new friends in a safe and vibrant environment. 

A Space to Play, Learn & Grow Together 

Our belief in the transformative power of play drives us to offer more than just entertainment. We’re about nurturing creativity, curiosity, and social skills in a secure setting. 
Whether they’re pretending to be doctors, exploring the intricacies of running a café, or learning the ropes of hairdressing, children are free to roam and discover at their pace. 

Don't forget the parents! 

Meanwhile, parents can relax in our on-site café, enjoying refreshments while watching their little ones explore or even stepping into the play areas to join in the fun. 
Our Imagination Station is committed to creating unforgettable experiences for families in Hessle and throughout East Yorkshire, fostering a warm, welcoming atmosphere where both kids and adults feel right at home. 

Start Your Adventure Today! 

Why wait for the fun to begin? Dive into a world where imagination knows no bounds and every visit creates lasting memories for you and your little ones. At Our Imagination Station in Hessle, East Yorkshire, we’re more than just a play centre; we’re a community where families come together to play, learn & grow. 

Book Now! 

Whether you’re looking to spark your child’s creativity, give them a space to socialise with peers, or simply enjoy a moment of relaxation while they explore safely, we’ve got something special for you. 
Don’t miss out on the excitement and the chance to be part of something truly magical. Contact us now to learn more, book a visit, or sign up for updates on our grand opening. 
Your adventure at Our Imagination Station is just a call or click away! 
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